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How You Can Help

KYP is always in need of contributions from individuals, organizations, and corporations in order to sustain the success of the organization. There are multiple ways to help:

While any donation would be greatly appreciated, below are some donation amount options and what that amount can support:

  • R100000 ($7,500) Pays for a learner to attend University for a year (including tuition, books, laptop computer, transport, accommodation, spending allowance and mentorship)
  • R50000 ($3,750) Sponsors a major program or need for all the children for one year (e.g., textbooks, sports or performing arts)

  • R7000 ($525) Sponsors a child to attend KYP for a year (including school fees, uniforms, two meals per day, after-school tutoring, a safe place to play, arts, sports and computer programs)
  • R2400 ($180) Feeds a child  and provides a uniform for a year 
  • R1000 ($75) Feeds a child for a year (two meals per day)
Donate "unrestricted" to the organization
Any monetary donation given to the overall organization will be allocated as needed and greatly appreciated.

Donate supplies
Any donations will be distributed fairly among the members and used immediately. Items needed include: shoes, clothes, school supplies, kitchenware, food, cleaning supplies, toiletries, etc.

Donate your time
Volunteer as an after-school tutor, host a career guidance workshop for students, or 
professional development workshop for staff.