Why give to KYP?

Believe in Kamogelo and the other 450 members of KYP!

Your gift, large or small helps keep KYP going. You can help a child to attend school, give the gift of tutoring, support one of KYP's program, or even make university education possible for a KYP member. There are few places in the world where your donation will go farther, and few organizations that will use it better.

Most kids in Kliptown can't afford school.
Every KYP member signs a contract: they must attend school every day and work hard. In exchange, KYP takes care of the cost of school fees, uniforms, and supplies for every student who cannot afford them.

KYP's tutoring program changes lives.
For the past two years, students in the tutoring program had a 100% pass rate for their high school graduation exams. Compare that with an average of 1 out of 3 students passing in the rest of Kliptown. 

KYP members are now attending university.
Before KYP, it was almost impossible for a resident of Kliptown to make it to tertiary education. In 2011, KYP sent seven students to attend university. 

KYP leaders show kids they can do something positive with their lives.
KYP leaders grew up in Kliptown. Every day they help kids, provide them with a safe environment, and encourage them to believe in themselves. They serve as positive role models and are real-life examples of how KYP members can make a positive impact on the world. 


You can Donate to KYP right now through One World Children's Fund.  

Want to donate your time or expertise?  Visit the Get Involved page to learn how and contact Thulani Madondo to arrange a visit to KYP!