Welcome to Kliptown Youth Program

                                 "From Poverty to Opportunity" 
KYP’s mission is to eradicate the poverty of mind, body, and soul and to fight against the disadvantages imposed on the children of Kliptown, by providing educational support and after school activities. It seeks to develop young and dynamic individuals who are willing to contribute effectively for the betterment of their community

Our tutoring, athletic, and arts programs provide a life to the children of Kliptown not defined by survival, but by the ability to be active community members, to have dreams, and most of all to have hope about the future

I Want People to Believe in Me...

When we asked Kamogelo what she would say to KYP's friends and supporters.  She told us, "I want people to believe in me."

At the age of 7, Kamogelo is already an amazing person who has reached one of her life goals: to become a KYP member.

You've helped her get this far.  Believe in her and keep believing in all of us here at KYP.  

With the support of your words and your funds, as Kamogelo says, we can do anything!