Get Involved

Come Visit KYP!

In Kliptown, visitors are considered a gift, and the members of KYP love to meet new friends from all over the world.  If you are lucky enough to spend time at KYP, you are sure to receive a warm welcome, and you may well make some friends for life.

If you are planning a visit to South Africa, you MUST include KYP and Kliptown in your itinerary.  Contact us to arrange a visit, to attend a dance performance, take a tour of Kliptown, and more.

Write to Us!

The support that friends of KYP give to the members is very inspirational.  Everyone at KYP, from the oldest committee members to the youngest students, works very hard to try to reach their goals.  All of the members of KYP will tell you that the support they have received from visitors from all over the world has been one of the ingredients critical to their success.

If you are inspired by our work, write to us!  Tell us how you learned about KYP and what you think of our work.  Introduce yourself and your community.  Are you interested in beginning a relationship with a pen pal at KYP?  There's probably a member who would love to write you back.

Send all written correspondence to "Kliptown Youth Program / PO Box 127 / Kliptown / 1811 / South Africa" and all e-mails to

Donate Your Time and Share Your Expertise!

What you know could be very valuable to KYP.  With the donation your time, expertise, and connections, you can make a difference at KYP and the Kliptown community.

People from South Africa and around the world have helped KYP be successful by sharing the expertise and connections they have dev.  eloped in their field.  Businesspeople, Accountants, Educators, Engineers, Builders, Filmmakers, Marketers and many others have already helped KYP by sharing what they know.  You might be able to connect a dedicated, hardworking KYP member with a job opportunity.  You could help the KYP leaders learn how to more effectively run one of their programs.  You might be able to help KYP members who are in high school understand the necessary steps they need to take in order to reach their career goals.  You could help a member become a better writer.  Contact us to use your knowledge, expertise, and connections to help transform KYP!

Not sure if you have expertise or connections that would help KYP?  Can you hold a paint brush or a rake?  Can you sort books or clothes?  Your time is valuable and there are regular community service days at KYP where members and visitors get together to help make Kliptown a better place.  Contact us at to find a time to come make a positive difference in our community and make new friends in the process!

Help Fund Our Efforts!

Contributions in any amount make KYP's programs possible.  Whether you are an individual or represent an organization, foundation, or company, there is no way that the committed KYP leaders could do their great work without the necessary funding. 

Many individuals and families like to donate the R7,000 ($500) that it takes to support a child's education for a year.  Others have chosen to support tuition and fees for university students included accommodation, stationery, allowance, school fees etc. which costs R100 000 ($7,000 a year) . It's VERY easy for individuals and families to give to KYP from anywhere in the world by credit card through One World Children's Fund.  To learn more, visit KYP's Donate page.

Foundations and companies play a critical role in KYP's funding,  The KYP tutoring and food programs, buildings, salaries and stipends for the staff, the athletic program, and other critical elements of KYP's mission are funded in whole or in part by major institutional donations.  If your foundation, company, or organization might be interested in supporting a new or existing program, please contact Thulani Madondo (