The Ceasars Foundation Scholarship Fund

In 2013, KYP was fortunate to establish a partnership with the Caesars Foundation. Funded by the world renowned Caesars Entertainment resorts and casinos, the foundation is committed to making scholarships possible for KYP members hoping to pursue higher education. The foundation's 2013 grant made a huge difference to our Grade 12 students, making it possible for them to continue their studies at colleges and universities.  

We are very grateful that our goal of sending our matriculants to colleges and universities is becoming a reality. Because of the high cost of tertiary education and the challenges of navigating the application and bursary (scholarship) process, the dream of attending university has been beyond the reach of almost all residents of Kliptown.  The Ceasars Foundation's generous contribution of R300 000 ($30,000) has enabled us to enroll 7 students from our 2011, 2012, and 2013 matric years at the University of Johannesburg, where they are now pursuing several different career paths.  We sincerely thank the Caesars Foundation for their generous support of our tertiary education program, and we are so excited that the foundation has committed to renewing their support for our grade 12s who will graduate in 2014.  

The Caesars Foundation seeks to help organizations in different communities and to partnership with them to further the goals of both organizations.  In particular, the foundation seeks to support organizations that help out in the communities in which Ceasars Entertainment employees live.  KYP is incredibly grateful for the difference that the Caesars Foundation has made thus far in making higher education possible for our members.