Kliptown Youth Program is a Partner of One World Children’s Fund

We are pleased to announce our partnership with One World Children's Fund.  Now, KYP supporters are able to donate to KYP from outside South Africa with no pass through fee.  That means 100% of your donation goes to help KYP's vital work with Kliptown's youth.  

On behalf of the entire KYP family, we are very excited to announce a new partnership between Kliptown Youth Program and One World Children’s Fund (OWCF or One World), KYP’s new fiscal sponsor based in San Francisco, CA. This partnership will enable KYP to receive 100% of funds donated in the U.S. through the One World platform, with no administrative fees or annual management costs deducted, while still preserving tax-deductible status and formal acknowledgement of donors’ gifts for tax filing purposes. For those interested in learning more about the One World partnership model, see http://oneworldchildrensfund.org/.

The partnership with One World offers other significant benefits as well. One World serves its partner organizations by providing professional development and leadership coaching, technical and skills training, networking opportunities, and introductions to funders. In addition, One World’s partner platform provides a variety of useful tools to facilitate any KYP supporter’s efforts to raise money directly for KYP, whether through events, crowd-funding, personal networks, challenge grants, etc. This platform can be used by individuals, schools, corporations, or other organizations to create their own personalized fundraising page for KYP on the One World platform.

For those supporters who have donated to us in the past, we urge you to please use One World for any future gifts so that KYP can receive 100% of every donation without any deductions.  The most advantageous way to support KYP is by check made out to "One World Children's Fund" with "Kliptown Youth Program" written in the notation line.  Checks can be mailed to: One World Children's Fund, 1012 Torney Avenue, #201, San Francisco, CA 94129.

Finally, please join us in thanking Jennifer Getz and Lynn West, long- time KYP supporters who introduced us to One World and who have agreed to serve 3-year terms as our Co-Champions for the One World partnership. Together with our U.S. board members and our Kliptown team, they will be coordinating fundraising in the U.S. and engaging with the One World community on our behalf. You’re welcome to contact them directly at jgetz50@gmail.com or lynnwest415@gmail.com if you have any questions about this new partnership.

With many thanks for your past support and high hopes for the future!

Thulani Madondo
Executive Director, Kliptown Youth Program