KYP Advisory Board

Jenny Leclezio - Chairperson of the Board

Bachelor of Social Science  - University of Natal (B.Soc. Sci)

Post Graduate Diploma in Industrial Relations – University of Natal (Post Grad Dip IR)

Professional Coaching Certificate (ACC, Professional Coaching Certificate, UCT GSB)

Up until the 2015 Jenny was in formal employment and served as the Human Resources Director of various businesses within

the AVI Group from 2001 to 2014 including IT (AVI IT shared services), FMCG (Snack works) and retail (Spitz & Green Cross).

For the last 7 years she has, in addition to the HR Director roles, managed the BBBEE transformation portfolio for AVI including chairing the AVI Community Trust.

Peter Johannsen - Education, Marketing

Williams College - B.A.

Pete has worked as an educator and administrator with grades 6-8 in the United States for the past twenty years.  He has taught English, History, Science, Engineering, and Life Skills, and has lead international trips for students, including to South Africa.  He also makes custom metal furniture, and teaches undeserved youth welding and basic metalworking.  Pete has worked with Kliptown Youth Program in a variety of capacities since its founding, including working with its Education and Marketing Teams.

Ingrid Chadwick - Finance

Ingrid graduated with a B.Com from the University of Natal, worked as a programmer and software developer for a number of years, 

and then as Financial Accountant in various industries. Her work with KYP includes Administration, Governance and Financial management.

Samuel Gqibani – Higher Level Education

University of Johannesburg, Ph.D. - Thermal energy storage unit

University of Sussex, United Kingdom (Ford Foundation Scholarship) Master of Science – Advanced Mechanical Engineering

Walter Sisulu University of Technology, Bachelor in Technology

Walter Sisulu University of Technology, S.A. National Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

Samuel developed in academia as a teacher, then changed his career to engineering. Both the education and engineering worlds helped him

in understanding and respecting the opinions of other people, transferring knowledge, problem solving, teamwork, and patience.

A confident self-starter who is able to work independently, his engineering studies unleashed the potential of his creativity and innovation.

Samuel’s aim in life is to apply his knowledge and skills in a challenging environment that will give him opportunities to develop and travel.

He assists KYP in the education field, strategizing how to best position and prepare secondary school students for success in tertiary education or trade

training that allows them to find employment in fields for which they are well suited and find rewarding.

Denis Creighton – Special Projects

B.comm, UNISA (With Distinction)

Tour Guide: Cultural tour guide based in Gauteng, Northwest and Mpumalanga

Denis is the director of KDA Travel and Tour Pty/ltd and of Soweto Youth and Development Projects (Section 21 CO). 

He has 40 years in banking and low cost housing (perm and nedgroup) as the managing Director of Servcon Housing Solutions.

He has also developed a unique Soweto tour package for (part of KDA) since 2002 and has conducted numerous tours for private and company groups in Johannesburg and Soweto.

He now concentrates on the various social responsibility projects of the company.  Denis served as the first Chairperson of KYP’s board of directors, and has assisted the organization across the board for many years.

Gillian Ilsley – Education

Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology -  University of Johannesburg

Gillian has been involved in Education for a number of years.  She currently runs an Educational Psychology Practise in Johannesburg and is involved in part-time lecturing and supervision at the University Of Johannesburg.