Meet Mr. Mandlazi, high school English tutor and lead tutor for the high school tutoring program

posted Nov 11, 2013, 7:27 AM by Kliptown Youth Program   [ updated Nov 11, 2013, 7:39 AM ]

Why do you tutor at KYP? I tutor English, my subject of specialization. My aim is to enable my students to express themselves in English, the means of expression throughout much of our contemporary world.

What is your favorite thing about KYP? I like the environment which is conducive to effective teaching and learning. The programme itself is also run professionally by the directors.

What are your hopes for your students?  My hopes are that all students can attain their common academic goals through dedication and commitment in their academic  activities. We are trying our level best to make this come to fruition.

What made choose to sacrifice your free time to come and tutor at KYP? I realised that the children here are all willing to receive the quality education that they rightly deserve, and I felt that it is necessary for me and the other tutors to help them to be the best of our ability. I’ve known Kliptown as a slum area since childhood, and I felt that it is important to come and offer my expertise.

What difference is the KYP tutoring program is making in the children’s lives? KYP, is a very generous tutoring program.  Children who make themselves available by attending the lessons are receiving quality education, which makes them substantially different from those who are not part of the program. Early indications are that most children, if not all, will become conscientious and helpful members of this poverty stricken community in a shortage passage of time to come.