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Improvements to Our Center

posted Jul 23, 2013, 6:02 AM by Peter Johannsen   [ updated Aug 3, 2013, 5:27 PM by Kliptown Youth Program ]
Artificial Turf 
After years having to host our sports days at other soccer fields, today we have our own artificial turf right inside our centre!  Now our children are able to play soccer right at home, and everyone wants to be goaltender.   Our soccer team can play host on any of their sport days and tournaments can take place right here at the KYP centre.  The children loving playing on the turf, and we also use it during our tutoring program.  It's lovely to see the kids taking their books to read outside and sit on the turf, which we all find very comfortable.  Even during lunch we all sit on it and enjoy our meals. We would love to thank everyone who has made it possible for the kids to enjoy their playtime at the centre.  

Solar Geyser 

Having a new renovated kitchen was one the greatest achievements for our food program team. It has made the job of serving our 400 members two meals a day so much easier than it had been previously.  Now, a German organization called Hundertprozent has made our lives even easier by giving us the means to install a solar geyser for our kitchen.  Now, instead of  to have having to plug in a kettle to get warm/hot water to cook, we can get one of the critical needs in the kitchen simply by turning on the Hot Water tap.


CNN Heroes Computer Lab

From the funds granted for the achievement of making the 2012 Top ten CNN heroes, we decided to build a new computer lab for our members and community to enhance the goal of bridging the gap of technology in disadvantaged communities like Kliptown. Read more about our new computer lab...