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Updates to Our Center

posted Mar 26, 2013, 10:10 AM by Peter Johannsen   [ updated Mar 30, 2013, 8:05 AM ]
KYP Receives New Solar Panels

After 4 years operating and using the generator as our source of electricity, a German company called Studiosus came to us with the idea of installing Solar panels to power the entire KYP centre. We are very excited to announce that thanks to their generosity, the the installation took place this past October. These solar panels are making a huge difference to us; not only are we saving energy and learning how to be more cost effective with our power, we now have a quiet source of electricity for our learners.

The solar panels power the whole KYP centre from the Office to the Kitchen. Anyone can plug anywhere at any time, which wasn’t possible before because the generator lacked enough power. In addition, our kitchen now has a powered refrigerator, which makes a big difference for our food program.

The installation couldn’t come at a better time, because using our generator came with many downsides. There was to be money raised and budgeted for petrol, and every morning our IT manager had to go purchase enough to get us through the day. Most importantly, our generator made so much noise that it was sometimes very hard to work. Since it was the only resource we could use, we got used to it so that we didn’t feel the noise anymore. Our first day working after the solar panels were installed felt very strange for us because we were not used to the silence. The challenge now is getting used to the peace and quiet!

We would love to thank Studiosus for their generosity and our partnership with them. They bring tourists all the way from Germany to South Africa, and we are so happy to host them at our center and share with them the work we do for the youth and community of Kliptown. Through their tours, we have made other great connections with people who want to support KYP further. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Studiosus in years to come, now as a greener organization!

Kitchen makeover

After four years doing our level best to serve our 400 members hot meals every day, we are pleased to announce the opening of our new, larger, and much improved kitchen. Transnet, the South African freight logistics company, funded our kitchen upgrade, bringing in professional designers to ensure that our entire kitchen staff could work effectively as a team inside the space. On July 19th, we were blessed to serve our first meals out of the new space, and the entire team agrees that it is a great improvement. We want to thank Transnet for everything they have done to help us reach our goal to ensure that each of our members receives hot, nutritious meals every day.

New paving

No more muddy days or cars struggling to park inside our centre, because we now have paving around the KYP centre! If you have visited our program or Kliptown in general, you understand why we are so excited to be announcing this news. As with many disadvantaged communities, an informal settlement brings many of its own challenges, especially when the weather is not at its best. There was always a need of doing this, especially since we have visitors and people in coming every day. Most important, our children love playing so much, and they are now able to play everywhere. The paving doesn't contain any steel reinforcement, which is good when working with small kids. We would love to thank the generosity of all who contributed towards this initiative.