KYP's Opportunities Campaign

What is the Opportunities Campaign?
A Boston-based fundraising campaign to help sustain KYP’s growth as an organization for the next three years.

Why do we need the Opportunities Campaign?
To give us the resources to develop the skills of our primary grade tutors, improve the effectiveness of our secondary program, enhance our career guidance system, and retain our key staff.

What is the goal?
For individuals to make a 3-year pledge of financial support for KYP.

What is the goal in dollars?
$40,000 in total pledges/year for each of the next three years.
That’s $120,000 total over three years.

Is there a match?
Yes.  Each dollar of support up to $40,000/year will be matched, dollar-for-dollar, for the next three years.
That’s $120,000 in total matching funds available over the next three years.
Which means up to $240,000 in funding for KYP over the next three years.

Is there a catch?
Yes.  The matching funds are available ONLY for individuals who make a three-year pledge.
The deadline for pledges to be matched is the KYP Boston Celebration on Thursday, November 5th.

By committing to help support us financially for the next three years, you enable us to grow as an organization in a sustainable way.

KYP Significant Digits
428 members are currently in grades 1-12
97 members and community members are currently engaged in post-matric trainings
15 members are currently enrolled at university
73 members from 7 grade 12 classes have passed their high school matric exams since our founding
33 young men and women who have been through KYP and are now employed and supporting their families
14 leaders, almost all born and raised in Kliptown, have developed themselves and are now developing the next generation


Shosholoza:  The train that keeps going and going, striving for the better
$10,000/year for three years   ($30,000)

Inkululeko:  The Freedom
$5,000/year for three years     ($15,000)

Ubuntu:  Humanity, “I am because you are”
$2,500/year for three years       ($7,500)

Uthando Ne Njabulo:  Love and happiness
$1,000/year for three years       ($3,000)

Sibanye:  Unity, referring to a United community of Kliptown
Up to $999 per year for three years


To ensure that we may properly thank you for your support, please fill out our 

CAF America
Tax deductible contributions may be made through CAF America’s “Kliptown Youth Program Fund”

and return your completed form and check to CAFAmerica.

Wire Transfer
Non-tax deductible contributions may be made by wire transfer directly to KYP’s account in South Africa.

Account Holder: Kliptown Youth Program
Account Number: 4074380400
Type of Account: Cheque Account
Branch: Jabulani
Swift Code: ABSAZAJJ


Contact Thulani Madondo (, Kristen Atwood (, Pete Johannsen (, or KYP (

At Kliptown Youth Program, we develop our members and ourselves into successful young adults who contribute positively to our families, our community, and our country.  It takes years of effort and commitment for our members to reach their potential, and thanks to the support you and many others have given over the past 8 years, we have been able to play an important part in the successes of many of our members.  Now, having grown tremendously as an organization and as individuals, we aspire to bring ourselves to the next level, and to continue to earn our status as a model community organization for South Africa.

  • Enroll more of our members in better schools
  • Develop our primary tutors into experts at helping our learners master literacy and numeracy
  • Increase the percentage of our members who maintain their motivation and belief in themselves through high school
  • Help our members better understand what courses and post-high school education and training will be a good fit with their skills and interests
  • Provide job skills training so our members can present themselves well to potential employers
  • Build partnerships with the best NGOs in South Africa that provide youth education and employment
  • Increase salaries for our critical staff to enable them to stay at the organization they love
  • Join with partners who can help us build a predictable revenue base so we can pursue these goals with confidence

Our members’ parents and families strive hard to give their children the best possible chance in life, but their resources are very limited.  Our Kliptown families face a lack of good housing, electricity, and running water. Unemployment in our community is endemic, and the average household of 5 must survive on only $5 per day.  While we are lucky to have many teachers who care, the quality of our educational system is low.  These factors mean that Kliptown’s children face a slim chance of breaking out of their circumstances on their own.  

You know the incredible time, effort, and resources it has taken you to raise your own children, or the time, effort, and resources it took your parents to raise you.  We provide our members with the tutoring, uniforms, meals, tuition assistance, career advice, and connections their parents can’t.  And we’re committed to being there for our members from the time they join us in Grade 1 through the time they are able to give back to their families and community as employed South Africans.  

Since March 2007, we have opened our hearts to the children of our community and welcomed visitors from outside Kliptown to join us in our dream.  You are part of our KYP family.  You have come to visit with us, to encourage us, to share our enthusiasm and hope, to volunteer your time and expertise, to connect us with your friends and colleagues, and to contribute the funds that enable us to continue our work.  Your support is a critical reason our KYP members are among the most successful of Kliptown’s Youth.  You have enabled us to show the world that positive change can happen no matter where you begin.

KYP Board of Directors
Amy Brakeman  -  Ingrid Chadwick  -  Denis Creighton  -  Samuel Gqibani  -  Peter Johannsen   -  Jenny Leclezio, Chair

Peter Johannsen,
Oct 16, 2015, 11:49 AM