KYP Programs

School Fee Support

Education is essential for success in life. And yet, the vast majority of families in Kliptown have great difficulty affording the costs of school fees, uniforms, books,and supplies for their children, which amount to approximately R7,000 ($700) per year. One of the core principles of KYP is that every child who wants to be a member of KYP must commit to attend school; so for KYP members schooling is both an opportunity and an obligation. Since its inception, KYP has been able to cover the costs of school for all students who would not otherwise be able to afford them thanks to the generous support of individuals, foundations, and companies. Please contact Nelisiwe Walaza at for more information or to support a child's education.

Tutoring Program
The tutoring program runs Monday-Thursday afternoons and helps primary and secondary school students get the help they need to thrive in school.  Particular focus is given to high school students to help them prepare for their important matriculation exams, which they take at the end of their senior year. While only 1 in 3 residents of Kliptown students can expect to pass their matric when the time comes, thanks to the tutoring program, almost every single KYP member has passed their matric exams at the end of grade 12.  The secondary school tutoring program (grades 8-12) is expertly run by a team of dedicated, professional teachers who spend two afternoons a week at KYP.  And for the primary education program we have recruited young people who have completed their Matric or further studies to come every Mon- Thurs to help the younger primary students with their homework after school. Please contact Monwabisi Baleni at to learn more about or help support the tutoring program.

Tertiary Education Program

Because of the success of the tutoring program, many KYP members are well prepared for university and eager to attend it. The tertiary education program provides funds to successful students who wouldn't be able to attend without financial support.  Students have enrolled in programs focused on a number of different disciplines including Information Technology, Banking, Electrical Engineering and Marketing.  Many of the courses of study are 1-2 years in length while other students participate in 3-4 year degree programs.  While the cost of tertiary education is much more than primary and secondary school, KYP has been able to support students in two ways: by assisting them with bursary (financial aid) applications, and by connecting them to individuals, foundations, and companies who have offered in to make university possible with generous financial support.  Please contact Thulani Madondo at for more information or to support a tertiary student's education.

Employment Networking, Learnerships, and Jobs
As they graduate from university, college, or high school, KYP members seek to enter the job market. The leadership at KYP works very hard to connect members with learnerships (internships) and jobs. Companies such as Edcon stores and Telkom SA have been helpful in offering opportunities and advice to members. Additionally KYP members benefit greatly fromindividuals who come to the center and speak about what skills, education, and training are necessary to find jobs and success in their respective fields. Please contact Monwabisi Baleni at for more information on this program or if you would like to help connect a KYP member with a job.


Students have access to two types of computers. First, there are 290 XO laptops available, thanks to the ‘One Laptop per Child’ non-profit organization that provides the world’s poorest children with access to low powered laptops. Students can borrow these computers for 3 days to practice their computer skills and complete assignments. Members also utilize KYP’s computer lab for school-related research and projects, as well as computer training. For the past 6 months, KYP staff has taught 6-week classes to 16 community members each on basic Microsoft Office and Internet skills. Please contact Siyabonga Bukhwele at  if you would like to learn more about KYP's OLPC program or if you would like to help.


KYP “learners” and community members are able to select books to read from KYP's library, which continues to grow.The used books have been donated from a number of sources, and include picture books for the younger children as well as fiction and non-fiction for the older students and, importantly, many of the textbooks that learners use in their classes at their respective schools.  Please contact at for more information on the library or to support the library program. 

Food Program 

One of the struggles of life in Kliptown is inadequate nutrition for growing young bodies, with many children sometimes not having access to even one balanced meal per day.  This is especially true, given the rapid rise in food prices, which hits disadvantaged communities particularly hard.  KYP is working to alleviate the problem by providing all members with two nutritious meal a day at the center.  With some of KYP's leaders taking charge of the preparation, the children are able to eat breakfast or to get a bag lunch to take to school, and when the children arrive at KYP after school they are able to “fuel up” before digging into their tutoring and other KYP activities.  With this vital program, all members are able to focus much better on their studies while at school and at KYP. Please contact Thulani Madondo at for more information on the food program or if you would like to help support nutritious meals for the members at KYP.

Performing Arts & Culture

Members have the opportunity to express themselves through various types of cultural dances and drumming.In addition to their frequent local performances, the renowned Gumboots dance group has traveled to China, USA, Germany, ReUnion Island, France etc. to perform and has participated in festivals and corporate events throughout South Africa. Female members of KYP participate in traditional dance and have performed locally in weddings and festivals.  For anyone who has ever had the privilege of seeing them in action, it is clear that the KYP dancers are exceptionally talented and enthusiastic! For bookings and perfomances of our great performing arts entertainment please email Nelisiwe Walaza at  if you are interested in learning more about or helping with the performing arts program please contact Thando Bezana at


Members are encouraged to be active and participate on soccer and netball teams. High-level coaches are trained to mentor kids beyond just the technical aspects of the sport, teaching life skills such as determination and teamwork. These teams compete in township leagues and have won numerous tournaments. Please
contact KYP sports director Thando Bezana at for more information on or to support the sports program.

Roots and Shoots

KYP's Roots and Shoots environmental program, inspired by Jane Goodall, strives to help members learn more about their environment and the role they play in keeping it clean.The program includes learning about vegetable gardening, both at local schools and at KYP, the importance of hygiene and hand washing before and after meals,

and improving Kliptown's environment, including turning a trash area into a car wash, which benefits the youth of our community. We also currently have a garden proudly donated by SBV which is taken good care of by our members, this is another great opportunity to teach our children how to be Eco friendly.   Contact Siphiwe Mhlaba at for more information on KYP's Enviromental program.

Salaries, Stipends, and Professional Development

The incredible people who make every day possible at KYP have dedicated themselves to helping their community.  In order to make it possible for them to continue their amazing work supporting Kliptown's students, KYP supports the leadership team with salaries or stipends.  In addition, leadership training and development is a part of being a member of the committee, and all seek to build their skills no matter what program or facet of KYP's work they oversee.  Please contact Thulani Madondo at for more information about these programs or for how you can help support the amazing staff of KYP.