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Most kids in Kliptown can't afford school.

Every KYP member signs a contract: they must attend school every day and work hard. In exchange, KYP takes care of the cost of school fees, uniforms, and supplies for every student who cannot afford them.

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The pass rate for the high school matriculation exam s is far higher than the average for all Kliptown students.  Since our grade 12s began taking the matric 11 years ago, more than 4 out of 5 of our students have passed, while only 1 in 3 students in Kliptown pass, on average.

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KYP members are now attending university and are in the workforce

Before KYP, it was almost impossible for a resident of Kliptown to make it to tertiary education.  KYP has sent over 20.  And we have over 30 of our members employed full-time on our wall of fame.

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KYP leaders show kids they can do something positive with their lives.

KYP leaders grew up in Kliptown. Every day they help kids, provide them with a safe environment, and encourage them to believe in themselves. They serve as positive role models and are real-life examples of how KYP members can make a positive impact on the world.

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Your contribution makes our programs possible.  

Donate to KYP from anywhere in the world by credit card through One World Children's Fund.  100%* of every donation to One World Children’s Fund goes to KYP to help our programs.

*less fees from your credit card company


Foundations & Corporations

In past years, the KYP tutoring and food programs, buildings, salaries and stipends for the staff, the athletic program, and other critical elements of KYP's mission have been funded in whole or in part by major institutional donations.  If your foundation, company, or organization might be interested in supporting a new or existing program, please contact Thulani Madondo at

What Your Donation Can Do

KYP is always in need of contributions from individuals, organizations, and corporations in order to sustain the success of the organization. There are multiple ways to help:

R100 000 ($8,000) Pays for a learner to attend University for a year (including tuition, books, laptop computer, transport, accommodation, spending allowance and mentorship)

R50 000 ($4,000) Sponsors a major program or need for all the children for one year (e.g., textbooks, sports or performing arts)

R7 000 ($550) Sponsors a child to attend KYP for a year (including school fees, uniforms, two meals per day, after-school tutoring, a safe place to play, arts, sports and computer programs)

R1 000 ($80) Feeds a child for a year (two meals per day)



Online through the One World Children's Fund



By Check

Method #1: (tax-deductible)
Make your check out to "One World Children's Fund" and write "Kliptown Youth Program Fund" in the notation line. OWCF collects a 4% fee on all donations by check or donor advised fund.

Mail your check to:
One World Children's Fund
3108 Glendale Boulevard #506
Los Angeles, CA 90039

Method #2: (tax-deductible)
Make your check out to "South Africa Development Fund" and write "Kliptown Youth Program Fund" in the notation line. SADF transfers 100% of all donations by check or donor advised fund.

Mail your check to:
South Africa Development Fund
555 Amory St.
Boston, MA 02130

Method #3: (not tax-deductible)
KYP's bank accepts personal checks from outside South Africa.

Please send your check made out to "Kliptown Youth Program" to:
Kliptown Youth Programme
PO Box 127
South Africa 

By Wire Transfer

You may donate funds directly to KYP by means of a wire transfer to KYP’s bank account. 

Account Holder: Kliptown Youth Program
Account Number: 4074380400
Type of Account: Cheque Account
Branch: Jabulani
Swift Code: ABSAZAJJ

Non-profit Organization Number: 059-907
Public Benefit Organization Number: 930034122 


From all of us here at KYP, thank you for your support!