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Education is essential for success in life, so KYP is built around our tutoring program.  All children from Grade 1 through Grade 12 attend tutoring and study sessions for two hours, Monday through Thursday afternoons.  The focus is on English and maths, as well as with homework assistance. 

Primary school students are tutored by members of the community who have gone through KYP’s tutor training program.  Not only are the tutors trained in how to deliver the content the students need help with, they are also introduced to principles of child development and how to successfully manage a class of young people.

High school students are tutored by professional teachers two days a week, and participate in peer-to-peer tutoring the other two days. Our ultimate goal is for our Grade 12s to pass their matriculation exams at the end of their senior year.  While only 1 in 3 residents of Kliptown students can expect to pass their matric, our tutoring program has enabled over 80% of our KYP members to pass their grade 12 exams.

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The vast majority of families in Kliptown have great difficulty affording the costs of school fees, uniforms, books, and supplies for their children.  Since its inception, KYP has covered the cost of school fees for all of our members.  Thanks to our friends at Tailored for Education, each child who has been a member for the past year receives a new uniform at the start of the school year.

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One of the struggles of life in Kliptown is inadequate nutrition for growing young bodies, with many children sometimes not having access to even one balanced meal per day.  Because young people cannot learn effectively if they are hungry, KYP provides all members with two nutritious meal a day.  In the morning, the children are able to eat breakfast or get a bag lunch to take to school, and then fuel up with a hot meal before digging into their tutoring and other KYP activities.

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Technology has become an increasingly important element of our tutoring program.  Through programs such as Reading Eggs, Math Seeds, Olico, MyCyberwall, and 2Enable, our members are able to boost their skills with well-designed lessons and quizzes that give them practice and get instant feedback.  With no access to electricity in the community, we power our center with a solar array on top of our classrooms.  KYP also teaches free computer classes on internet skills and Microsoft Office to community members to help them access job opportunities.

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Because of the success of the tutoring program, many KYP members are well prepared for university and eager to attend it. The tertiary education program provides funds to successful students who wouldn't be able to attend without financial support.  Students have enrolled in programs focused on a number of different disciplines including Information Technology, Banking, Electrical Engineering and Marketing, in programs ranging from 1-2 year certificate programs to 3-4 year degree programs.  KYP has been able to support students by assisting them with bursary (financial aid) applications, and by direct financial support through Study Trust, which mentors our university students. 

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As they graduate from university, college, or high school, KYP members seek to enter the job market, the final hurdle they must pass in their journey to pull themselves up out of poverty.  The leadership at KYP connects members with learnerships (internships) and jobs. Companies such as Tradesure Insurance, Bidvest Pureau, and many others have been helpful in offering opportunities and advice to members. Additionally, KYP members benefit greatly from individuals who come to the centre and speak about what skills, education, and training are necessary to find jobs and success in their respective fields.

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Children need to be able to have fun and move their bodies, so we reserve Fridays for our Performing Arts and Culture and our Sports programs.  Members have the opportunity to express themselves through various types of cultural activities such as dancing and drumming. Our renowned Gumboots Dance group, which caters for both boys and girls, has been performing in major events around South Africa and abroad since KYP’s inception.  In addition to inspiring our friends around the world and helping with our fundraising efforts, it gives our members the incredible opportunity of world travel.

Members can also choose to participate on soccer and netball teams. High-level coaches are trained to mentor kids beyond just the technical aspects of the sport, teaching life skills such as determination and teamwork. These teams compete in township leagues and have won numerous tournaments.

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In any society there is a great need for children and parents alike to have access to services that cater for needs pertaining to family and school related issues.  At KYP we have established a support centre for members of the KYP programme and their families where they can seek the advice of counsellors in a safe, confidential environment.  The issues focused on are vast, and may include behaviour related issues in children, difficulties at school, family violence, drug and alcohol abuse, teenage pregnancy, crime, poverty, and HIV-AIDS, to name a few.  The centre also provides academic and career assessments and academic support services.

At present the support is provided by students from the University of Johannesburg who are in the process of completing either their Honours degree in Counselling or Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology. 

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KYP learners and community members are able to select books to read from KYP's library, which continues to grow.  The library includes picture books for the younger children, fiction and non-fiction for the older students, and, importantly, many of the textbooks that learners use in their classes at their respective schools.